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There are lots of online stores where you can buy generic modafinil legally. In this way, you can save money on your prescribed Provigil, as it doesn't require many pence from your pocket. But before you are going to order Modafinil from an online source, there are some important points that you must know.

Is Modafinil Legal?

In the USA, Australia, Canada, and UK modafinil are classified as a prescribed drug. This means buying modafinil online without a prescription is illegal. I have bought modafinil several times, and at once facing any issue because I choose an online mode to buy it.

According to the law, you cannot buy modafinil without prescription because it is strictly regulated by FDA. That doesn't mean that people can't buy modafinil without prescription online. Buyers just won't able to buy modafinil from a US based vendor.

So, if you have a valid doctor prescription to purchase modafinil, it is legal otherwise go for an online vendor like an Afinil Express to get 100% free shipping and on-time delivery. In the modern world, smart drugs like Modafinil are taking by students as well as sports professionals to enhance their brain power. It is totally up to you, whether take a chance to try modafinil or gets away with it.

Modafinil Manufacturing

If you buy modafinil online, it is sourced from India and made by pharmacy giant companies HAB Pharma and SUN Pharma. Some people don't know about these companies, but both are worldwide reputable pharmaceutical firms, so don't worry about quality or side-effects. Sun Pharma manufactured Modalert and Waklert, while HAB Pharma produced Modvigiland Artvigil.

Where To Buy Modafinil Online?

Mostly, all the modafinil products you are purchasing online are made from both of these giants pharmaceutical companies, but where you find the best and trustful seller of modafinil? All online stores shipping the same modafinil pills from these two factories and it are very important to give your hard earned money to a trusted and reputable vendor.

I am a user of modafinil and know the power of this smart drug, but my trusted online vendor is Afinil Express.

Afinil Express

Afinil Express is a serious online vendor online and one of the oldest in this industry. They are situated for many and many years and still continue to serve online. When Modafinilcat, biggest and most popular seller of the modafinil in the past are closed in late 2016, Afinil Express became a most recommended alternative and earn the big vote of trust from customers.

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Every time I want modafinil, I choose Afinil Express because less argue and great service. And they provide 10% returning discount, 20% discount on purchasing through bitcoin vault and it's really a great deal, right?